Best IKEA Mattress for Side Sleepers

The memory foam mattress is the best type of mattress for side sleepers but some other types of mattresses also cater to the needs of side sleepers.

Mattresses play an important role in a relaxed and blissful sleep so it is important to choose the right one for you. With all the mattresses in the market, it could be confusing to make the right choice so we went ahead and did our research for the best IKEA mattress for side sleepers.

A List of Top Best Mattress made by IKEA for Side Sleepers


This flexible and extra comfortable mattress is exactly what you need for a comfortable and blissful sleep. The Morgedal is a foam-type mattress made with a layer of memory foam and soft fillings that mold and support the body at the same time. It helps relieve pressure which is perfect after a full day of work. It has a medium to firm and firm feel and medium sinkage.

This mattress is designed with the comfort zones in mind so it can certainly provide precise support to shoulders and hips. It absorbs the movements of your body providing all-over support that is essential for side sleepers. Pressure relief is also a feature of this mattress. Aside from side sleepers, back sleepers can also enjoy resting on this mattress. In addition, it is easy to clean by just removing the cover and washing it by machine. The Morgedal retails at $249 for Queen size.


The Hesstun is a coil spring type mattress that is popularly known for its double layer of individually pocket springs that are perfectly designed to follow the body structure precisely. It also comes with a layer of mini pocket springs that contour the natural curves of the body. In addition, a temperature and weight-sensitive memory foam is added for extra comfort.

This mattress has a medium to firm feel and medium sinkage ensuring that it comfortably compresses around the shoulders, arms, and hips. It may feel firm for some but it is just the right firmness for a night of supportive and comfortable sleep. This mattress perfectly combines comfort and support. A Hesstun mattress retails at $499 for Queen size.


If you’re looking for a resilient mattress, the Haugsvar could be the perfect one for you. This hybrid-type mattress is made with a generous layer of high foam to help provide added comfort. It also comes with a combination of individually wrapped pocket springs that follow your movements and memory foam that contours and supports your body.

The memory foam is said to provide pressure relief and improve blood circulation to muscles and skin. It has a medium to firm feel and slight sinkage. Aside from side sleepers, this mattress will also be loved by people with hip and shoulder pain and foam lovers. The retail price of this mattress starts at $399 for Queen Size.


The Hjellestad mattress is one of the premium mattresses released by IKEA. This coil spring-type mattress comes with thick memory foam in an integrated mattress topper specially designed to cradle the body’s curves. Two layers of pocket springs are also added underneath the foam to support body weight making it one of the best IKEA mattress for side sleepers.

IKEA claims that the thick layer of memory foam in the integrated pillowtop doesn’t just mold the body but also improves blood circulation and relaxation. It has a generous layer of soft filling too for excellent comfort and support. This mattress has a medium feel and significant sinkage. It is not just best for side sleepers but also for back sleepers and memory foam lovers. This mattress is available at $699 for Queen size.


The Holmsbu is one of the most promising spring mattresses ever released by IKEA. It is made of gel-infused cooling memory foam that is designed to keep a low temperature. Two layers of pocket springs and one layer of mini pocket springs are added which harmoniously support the body. It has a medium to firm feel and medium sinkage. Its thickness is relatively thick at 17 3/4 inches.

It has an extra protective layer that has handles on every side making it easier to transport and keep. After placing the mattress in place, you can easily unzip and remove the cover for an effortless setup. Besides side sleepers, hot sleepers will also have restful sleep in this mattress because of its cooling effect. Its Queen size retails at $799.