About Small Sweet Home

Small Sweet Home is a website about living well in a small home or space.

You can consider this site as an online guide to help you find to the best version of every small home product. Living in a tiny home doesn’t necessarily mean we have to compromise the luxury of life. On a shoestring budget, we can live a better life with all the selected products we buy. With efficient uses of space, you can have the home feel larger than you can imagine. A small home is also more affordable to own and easier to maintain.

The purposes of Small Sweet Home website is to help most people to:

  • gain more with less money by living well in a small space.
  • enjoy living in a small home without compromising the lack of luxury.
  • help buy the best products for small homes.

We’re focusing providing latest product information, tips, advice, and how to live well in a small space through blog posts, product reviews, and guides, and recommendations. For example, by choosing the right, best furniture like a folding table, you can greatly and flexibly save so much space. Or the nest of tables by IKEA can be used as three separate side tables. When they’re nested together the smallest table becomes a hideout. Having a simple furniture, living a simple life. You may need a sofa, which is one of the most important things to have in any home. There are actually sofas that are good in your tiny living rooms. These apartment or studio sofas are designed for this purpose. So no worry even you live in a small place.

Actually, our basic needs at any home, small or big, are very much the same. We need a place to sit comfortably, eat, sleep well, and store our stuff. Read our list of bedroom essentials!

Happy living well in a small home!