The Best Indoor String Lights

Whether you are preparing an indoor room for an event or you want to add a distinct touch to your rooms, settling on string lights is a decision that can never go wrong. That is unless you are not keen on the selection and decoration process. Yet, this is a selection of string lights and list various string lights you cannot go wrong.

When used indoors, string lights bring out various elements we would like to focus on and even create moods that we would like to project. Such diversity makes them attractive for indoor use. But, people should get string lights following the earlier mentioned factors.


When choosing indoor string lights, it does not matter if you choose a waterproof string light or weather-resistant, as these qualities favor outdoor string lights.

But, while selecting string lights, you need to keep the following factors in mind:

1. Cost

While purchasing string lights, avoid very cheap variants as:

Most of the time, the lights tend to burn out quickly
They tend to be agonizingly short
The bulb spacing might not be what you expected

Yet, do not rush for the most expensive also as there might be similar variants that can serve you as well, if not better, at a fraction of the cost.

2. Length

With string lights, you should measure twice buy once. You do not want to buy your string lights only to find out they are too short to cover your room. As such, measure the length you desire before you go and buy string lights.

3. Desired atmosphere

String lights come in various lightings and temperatures. As such, select only the string lights that will bring out the atmosphere you desire.

A List of Top 5 Best Indoor String Lights

Omika color changing string lights

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If you want a festive atmosphere with numerous color selections to trigger different moods, this is one of the best color-changing string lights on the market.

These string lights are remote-controlled. Therefore, you can select any of sixteen different colors to set your string lights too. Moreover, the timing, speed, and light patterns are under your control. Therefore, you can choose whichever mood you desire.

In addition, these string lights have a soft plastic coat that prevents the tangling of the string lights.


  • AC power source
  • 66 feet in length
  • 200 LED lights


  • Water-resistant
  • Flexible
  • Remote control
  • Various lighting options to pick from

Weritioo battery string lights

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Whenever you want to cut down on the impact string lights have on your electricity bill, opting for battery power is a viable option as; you will reduce your electricity bill and still have your desired effect or atmosphere.

The Weritioo string lights utilize three double-A batteries to light globe-shaped LED bulbs. Moreover, with its remote at hand, you can adjust the timing, brightness, and even mode. Consequently, with these string lights, you have:

Reduced electrical bills
Greater freedom over your lighting options.


  • Double-A batteries
  • 100 LED light bulbs
  • 33 feet in length


  • Remote controlled
  • Battery-powered

Moonibear LED fairy lights

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Whenever you want LED string lights to cover a large area, the Moonibear string lights are a good option. They are some of the longest yet economical string lights in the market. The string lights measure about 100 feet for only 40 dollars. Moreover, you get not only a single strand but two 100 feet long strands.

You also need not worry much about the power outlet location, as with a 14-foot long adapter cord, you can comfortably plug in your string lights to most outlets.

You will find the string cords also come with a remote control that will allow you to select your preferred timing, brightness, and consequently your desired atmosphere.

Moreover, these string lights are suitable for outdoor use.


  • 300 LED bulbs along its length
  • 100 feet in length
  • An AC power source


  • The string lights are 100 feet in length
  • The adapter is 14 feet in length
  • Remote control

Twinkle star LED curtain

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When creating attractive atmospheres, few can rival a waterfall effect. Few string lights bring this effect into life than the Twinkle star curtain.

You can utilize these lights in various framed sections of your house like; window frames, pergolas, and so on. Moreover, depending on your desired string light color, you can select any of eight different color options that best bring out your desired atmosphere.


  • The string lights are 6.6 by 9.8 feet
  • 300 LED lights over the string lights
  • AC Current output


  • A beautiful layout

Louis chose string lights

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When it comes to an all-rounder string light, few match Louise choice due to its various features like:

  • Extendibility which enables chain linkage of numerous strings to form a longer string light;
  • Remote control feature that enables the manipulation of the lighting conditions as required by the operator
  • Twist ties
  • Eight lighting modes including; flash, waves, and twinkle
  • Waterproof design


  • 49 feet in length
  • 100 LED bulbs along its length
  • AC power source