Top 5 Best King Size Mattresses (2021)

After a long tiresome day at work, all you need is a good night sleep. People with back pain also need to have a comfortable, good night sleep. King size mattresses are essential for most people to have a good night sleep. What is the best king size mattress to buy?

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A List of Top 5 Best King Size Mattresses for Back Pain

DreamCloud Mattress

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This mattress uses 3 layers of memory foam and a layer of latex. This materials help improve spinal alignment and relieve pressure for individuals with back pain. Additionally, the mattresses’ edge has a pocketed coil core to prevent the body from sinking deep into the mattress.

Very compact, the mattress helps in minimizing motion transfer, making your night sleep peaceful and relaxing. Finally, the mattress features help a great deal in preventing sagging and providing sufficient contour.

  • Gel-infused memory foam

Plush Beds Botanical Bliss Organic Latex Mattress

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Made of latex and rubber materials, this mattress is durable.

The organic materials used to make this mattress, i.e. cotton, wool and latex gives it a breathable and a comfy feel.

Additionally, the cotton helps in keeping your body cool and dry while the wool helps in regulating body temperature as you sleep.

The latex provides support.

This mattress helps in relieving pains and aches to persons with back pains, making the have a deep sleep.

  • 100% pure New Zealand wool for a cooler sleep and maximum pressure relief
  • Resistance to sagging

Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress

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Made with the latest mattress technology, the hyper-elastic polymer helps in promoting spinal alignment and relieving the pressure. Also, the unique material contains dynamic flexing properties provide total stability on your back.

Last, the hyper-elastic polymer helps in keeping you comfortable and cool. How? It provides airflow and regulating body temperature using the several open-air channels. It features the non-toxic material, and the mattress is also durable.

  • Hyper-Elastic Polymer is FDA-certified for safe use
  • No artificial germicides

Zoma Sports Mattress

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The king-size mattress has three layers, and it is made to help persons with back pain. Designed to prevent pressure points from forming and fostering neutral alignment of the spinal, the mattress has a mesh-like feel cover made of polyester. To allow air circulation and keeping heat away from the sleeper, the mattress has triangular cutouts for improved airflow. Also for firm support of the lower back, there are triangular cutouts at the head and feet for cushioning below the shoulder and legs.

Moreover, the mattress has a medium feel for relieving pressure by allowing the sleeper to sink into the mattress.

Also, a latex-like responsiveness layer between its layers to support the gel memory foam for more body cradling.

  • Heat-wicking fabrics
  • Dynamic full-body support
  • Durable Support+ foam
  • Ultra-soft, breathable cover

Amerisleep AS3

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For side sleepers with back pain, this is the best mattress. This mattress has Bio-PurĀ® foam for relieving pressure and its 3 inches thick. Also, the thickness allows for deep compression under the shoulder and hips of side sleepers for proper spinal alignment.

Additionally, the mattress has a zoned support technology called HIVEĀ® that is used for extra cushioning around the sleeper’s hips and shoulders to support the alignment of the spinal. Made of soft and breathable fabric, the mattress cover allows circulation through for a comfortable sleep.

  • Open cell structure with more air space between the foam
  • Adjustable bases
  • Bio-Core foam support layer

Good to Know

Back pain can be irritating, and this is brought about by the spine being unhealthy to protect the spinal code, provide structural support for upright posture and to facilitate physical movement. Because of the back pain, problem day to day activities will be negatively affected in one way or the other. For this, it is good to have the right mattress for good night sleep.

Getting one at the shop can be tricky since choosing the best is not easy. We have made it easier by providing the best king size mattress for back pain for you to consider.

Above are some of the best king size mattresses for back pain. There are memory foam mattresses, latex and among others. Amerisleep AS3, Purple hybrid premier and Zoma sports mattresses are some of the best king size mattresses for back pain.