The Best Sideboards

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Sideboards are versatile and functional pieces of furniture that resemble dressers and were popularized in the 1960s. They can be used in various rooms in your home, such as the living room, kitchen, or dining room. Sideboards typically come with drawers for additional storage of items such as glassware, cutlery, candles, fine china, napkins, or tablecloths. The top surface of a sideboard serves as an excellent platform to display flowers and other decorative items, as well as a place to set food platters while entertaining guests.

If you’re considering purchasing a sideboard for your home, this guide is here to help. We’ve reviewed the top five best-rated sideboards to assist you in making a decision. Choosing the right sideboard is essential in bringing together the overall style of your home. Home design styles have evolved greatly over time, from classic to contemporary styles, and finding the right sideboard can help tie everything together.

Rating Criteria

Our review rating takes into account storage capacity, quality, and size. We also considered the style used when crafting the product. You can tell a sideboard’s style based on the precision and detail of the finishing. The materials used in crafting the product also matter. Oak and pine, for instance, have an inherent elegance and durability.

In conclusion, a sideboard is a versatile and functional piece of furniture that can add both storage and style to your home. By considering the storage capacity, quality, size, style, and materials used, you can find the perfect sideboard to suit your needs and bring together the overall aesthetic of your home.

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A List of Top 5 Best Sideboards

King’s Brand R1021

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The King’s brand is a wood console sideboard. It is a sideboard fit with drawers which provides additional storage areas. The sideboard fits with a table that holds three drawers, three doors, and fit shelves, adding more space. The board emanates from the fine solid wood fit with a wood veneer and prides in brass knobs. King’s brand appears to fit on your list due to the ample storage space. It has up to 6 sqft storage space.

King’s has caught the market’s attention due to its durability and strength. The quality hardwood used provides a sleek fine finishing giving a fine splash of elegance to your living room. After assembly, King’s brand assures you of at least 3sqft at the top for additional storage. The total internal storage spaces add up to square feet, which is pretty enough to store your dishes, cutlery, and other household equipment.

Home charm

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In the second place, Home Charm International cabinet is a bestselling sideboard on Amazon. The product comes with a white body and an excellent wood veneer sitting at the top. This sideboard construction uses MDF and wood composite. It features three drawers that fit two doors with several shelves inside, giving you ample space to store your items.

Home Charm is easy to transport and ship to your location as it’s packed flat. This means there’s an additional assembly cost not included in the purchase price. Owing to the rising cases of counterfeit sideboards in the market, make sure to order your Home Charm International sideboard direct from the manufacturer or a Home Charm authorized distributor to enhance product quality.

Go2Buy White Stackable

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Go2Buy is an antique sideboard with sliding doors. The sideboard contains an adjustable shelf internally which offers additional storage space. The sleek design of the Go2Buy sideboard provides an elegant design used to display items and provides extra storage. The manufacturer uses grade p2 MDF to increase its stability and durability and ends with spray pained for a sleek finish. Perfect blend colors have a fantastic blend with your home décor since white is a neutral color.

Go2Buy’s antique design blends easily with home décor. Its buffet style is perfect for allowing top board as well displaying dining wear. First-time consumers might have difficulties operating the Go2Buy sideboard; thus, they come with user manuals for ease of use. The product is eco-friendly as no pollution materials are used and don’t emanate any foul odors into the home.
Like King’s Brand, Go2Buy provides 6 square feet total storage space exclusive of three square feet top surface space. It’s strong enough to hold a maximum of 110 lbs.

Safavieh American Homes

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Safavieh is an elegant collection made from solid elmwood. The sideboard has a distressed blue color which provides the perfect mix to your home décor. It’s a flawless finish for your home, offering four spacious drawers in addition to two doors made with maximum functionality. Oak veneer and distressed light blue paint offer the perfect finish design. Before purchase, however, it is worth noting that you must assemble the product before use.

Safavieh sideboard structure’s design blends in simplicity and class. The beautiful aspect of this component is that most parts are open spaces. Its pinewood with oak veneer boosts its durability and stability. Pinewood is a renowned hardwood whose quality is beyond measure. Oak and pine are vital elements, more so when used together. It’s a unique classic feel for your living space.

Each Safavieh American offers an average of 2 square feet in addition to three square feet at the top surface. Though you must put the products together before use, there are not many parts that require assembly. Most parts are open spaces.

Simpli Home AXCHOL012

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This sideboard is a buffet that easily blends with most rooms in the house. It can be a perfect fit in the kitchen, dining room and one of the best fits when used in the living room. The multipurpose product has a hand finishing of auburn brown stain with a protective liquor. The protective liquor is a perfect choice to highlight the grain of the wood. A Simpli Home artisan is one of the spacious sideboards in the market. The product contains six drawers and two side cabinets, offering additional storage space.

For the excellent finish, the cabinet’s handcrafting uses solid pinewood, which gives it a fantastic contemporary look regardless of where you choose to use it. Simpli Home comes with four central doors, a drawer on the left and another on the right of the center row, and finally, two slide doors with a shelf beneath each. A Simpli Home sideboard design allows you to set up the product’s interior to best suit your needs.

The sideboard’s clean edges and tapered legs are a perfect distinctive look giving the product an ideal multipurpose use. The Simpli Home sideboard features an ample storage space, angled edge table-top, and mullen framed glass doors.