The Best Magnetic Screen Doors

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The popularity of magnetic screen doors has increased in recent times as they offer greater ease and efficiency in moving in and out of your home. Additionally, they provide an economical solution for cooling your house. With their hands-free operation, magnetic screen doors are a convenient option. To assist in choosing the right magnetic screen door, we have compiled a list of the top models available on the market.

Before making a purchase, consider factors such as door size, the number of magnets, construction, and ease of installation. With these doors, bringing the outdoor feel indoors and keeping bugs out is made simple.

It’s important to also check for safety features to ensure the door remains secure. When it comes to keeping pests at bay and allowing fresh air in, the best magnetic screen doors are highly effective.

A List of Top 10 Best Magnetic Screen Doors

The Magnetic Screen Door Heavy Duty Mesh and Velcro MegaMesh

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Measuring at 36 inches by 83 inches, this tough meshed magnetic screen door has a high wear and tear resistance making it a perfect door to go for. With 26 magnets closely lined directly to each other, the door keeps securely closed when not in use.

  • Micro mesh keeps the smallest bugs out
  • Magnetic hands free entry
  • Pet friendly access

iGotTech Magnetic Screen Door

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A door that will give you value for your money. It boasts of high standard construction, 26 powerful magnets on its edges and a Velcro mile feature incorporated into its frame to give just the perfect measure.

  • Easy to setup and remove
  • Strongest materials
  • Micro mesh keeps the smallest bugs out
  • Pet friendly access

LETOOR Magnetic Screen Door

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The LEFTOOR magnetic screen door comes with 28 strong magnets on its edges, gravity sticks on the bottom side and a fiber glass material which gives it its tensile strength. Its installation process is easy hence no need for worry whatsoever.

  • Tough mesh materials
  • Won’t break, no gap
  • Protect against mosquitoes and bugs

Flux Phenom Reinforced Magnetic Screen Door

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Featuring 26 magnets lined up next to each other, this magnetic screen door made from a durable mesh material will ensure no insect can come in. It’s so easy to install it considering it also comes with a video tutorial for its installation.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Strong fiberglass mesh
  • Not pet proof and friendly

Heeku Magnetic Screen Door

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Designed with a see through feature, this door comes with 12 auto shut magnetic stripes and 16 magnets to close the mesh effectively. This screen door also comes with a drawing pins and Velcro rolls. It will effectively prevent insects to your indoors hence a great consideration.

  • Heavy duty mesh
  • Auto-Snap and tight seal
  • Quick and easy to install

Bodyguard Magnetic Screen Door-Full Frame Velcro, Heavy Duty Mesh Curtain

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Made out of durable Mesh material, this magnetic door is big enough for doors of up to 36 inches by 83 inches. With 28 powerful magnets to its fabric, this magnetic door is sure to keep any bug out hence a good option to consider.

  • High-density and antioxidant material
  • Tough and durable

Inspired Home Living Magnetic Screen Door

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This Screen door is famed for its durability, featuring 26 high energy magnets making it stand out among its peers. The screen door boasts of sturdy meshes making it a good candidate for high traffic doors.

  • Easy to install in less than 10 minutes
  • No gap

The FitLife Tall Magnetic Screen Door

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Measuring 35 inches by 96 inches, the screen is perfect for tall doors. It has 26 magnets lined next to each other and is made of heavy duty mesh material to keep all the insects away. Velcro tape is provided and the installation process so easy.

  • Durable, no wrinkles
  • Functional
  • Strong magnets

The Premium Quality Screen Door

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Featuring top quality polyester construction, the screen door can be washed without a problem. It keeps bugs away while allowing air to flow freely. Also, it has a very easy installation process for anyone. Not surprisingly, the magnetic entry way is easy to use and even kids and pats have no trouble getting through. You’ll just love it.

  • No gaps
  • Hands free entry & exit
  • Fits single door and sliding door

Trademark Home Magnetic Screen Door

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This magnetic screen door has a tight close enhanced by its heavy duty magnets thus ensuring no insects coming in. It is suitable for high traffic doors due to its high quality material which can easily be folded for easy storage. There are up to 18 heavy duty magnets.


  • Easy for toddlers & pets to walk through
  • Strong materials and durable, tough mesh
  • Easy to install
  • Magnets work well
  • Looks nice


  • Rips easily