Best Dual Swing Gate Openers in 2022

Nothing is irritating like when you drive back to your home, and you get out of your car to open your gate then back to car drive for approximately 10 feet inside your home and alight again. In case you are tired of this hassle, you can opt for the best dual swing gate opener. These gate openers use the motor to operate; most people refer to them as electric gates. Note that the best dual swing gate opener comes with numerous features that make it outstanding in the industry. Furthermore, automatic gate openers are crucial since they can generate a simple solution to closing and opening your gate. This is triggered by the sensor, keypad, and remote through the motor.

Based on the above review, you now clearly understand the best dual swing gate opener. Therefore, it is upon you to choose the best that is likely to meet your demands effectively. Make a wise decision and experience incredible results by choosing any of these best dual swing gate openers.

Benefits of the best dual swing gate opener

There are a lot of advantages that come along with the best dual swing gate opener, such as:

Elegance: The best dual swing gate opener gives your home an impression that is beyond description. Nothing is more interesting, like watching the slider of your gate sliding away when you go to work and come back then slide back to close again.

Security: This type of gate cannot be opened by physical force. This means if you do not use the remote, your entrance is not likely to open. This will be quite hard for thieves and burglars to break and steal from your house or property.

Reduced labor: It saves you from the stress of getting out of your car to open your gate whenever you reach it. You will comfortably occupy your chair as you enjoy the suitable movement of your slides.

The Best Dual Swing Gate Openers in 2022

These types of gate openers have gained popularity over the past decades, and they increase daily. Currently, numerous top and best brands are producing automatic workable gate openers. Bear in mind that dual swing gate openers guarantee you positive locking and electronic safety as it generates the safest and efficient option, especially in domestic and industrial gates. Additionally, it is easy for you to install this type of gate openers. You must know that there are various gate openers available in the industry today; they come at different prices, sizes, and weights. Therefore, this article will keep you informed about the best dual swing gate opener. These are:

Commercial Sliding Gate Opener Eagle-2000 FR 1/2 Horse Power Motorized Slide Gate Operator for Large 45′ feet Gates

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The Commercial Sliding Gate Opener Eagle-2000 FR ½ Horse Power Motorized Slide Gate Operator has substantial commercial gates of up to 1000lbs and 45 feet weight capacity. It has been manufactured with heavy-duty idler wheels, making your opener smooth and quiet when functioning. Moreover, this product is simple to install since it has a design of an Eagle Diamond Board that is user-friendly and has an advanced control board in the industry. The gate control board system contains features, such as auto-close timers, partially open, and Anti Tailgating. Furthermore, this product guarantees your safety because it has a built foot pedal release mechanism. If there is a power shortage or an emergency, your foot pedal offers a sliding gate operator to allow you to operate it manually by simply pushing your gate open.

Note that t also has an in-built surge and lightning protection. On the other hand, it also comes with the hardware; this Sliding Gate Operator System has dual a half Horse Power Motor for heavy-duty, making it appropriate for heavy traffic vehicle properties. This product has a close/ open delay and the motor brake, which disengages the chain mechanism. It also comes with a package kit including a single reflective photo-eye, a single long-range receiver, dual wireless visor transmitters, two 10ft Nickle Plated chain, and Eagle 2000FR Motor Operator. This product has a limited warranty of five years. Thanks to these outstanding features for making this product extraordinary in the market. In case you need the perfect dual swing gate opener, do not hesitate to pick this product.


  • It is easy to install as well as use.
  • This product is powerful and quick.
  • It is a quality product since it is correctly built.
  • It delivers maximum performance.
  • This product is worth the value.


  • None.

TOPENS A5 Automatic Gate Opener Kit Medium Duty Single Gate Operator for Single Swing Gates Up to 16 Feet or 550 Pounds Gate Motor

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This product has a reliable quality since it contains a motor of 24V DC with minimal power consumption. Bear in mind that this product has a medium-duty single swing gate design that goes up to 16 ft. It also has a maximum weight of 550lbs; note that the durable and extendable aluminum swing arms deliver excellent performance, specifically for medium weight gates. Moreover, this system generates an operating life that is long with minimal requirement of maintenance. This product also has various applications, which is appropriate for the entire models of single swing gates.

On the other hand, it is suitable for driveway gates with a make of vinyl, wood, and steel shaped like chain-link, tube, and panel. These typical applications include ranch, farm, pasture, courtyard, and residential. It has a simple DIY installation plus standard tools available without maximum voltage electrical connection and extra welding.

TOPENS A5 Automatic Gate Opener comes with complete hardware for mounting and a manual script that is simple to master and follow correctly; this gives you peace of mind. Bear in mind that the entire installation only takes a minimal duration. Note that this product also comes with a clever design since it comes with a dual installation style that is optional to push to open/pull to open, hence enable the gate to open outwards and inwards. The power-saving system design supports the entire energy modes via 24V battery, if the battery is not part of it, or via AC electricity. Besides, this product also comes with a wide range of accessories, such as ET24 Electric Gate lock, TKPS Wireless Keypad, M12 remote control, and the solar panel. This product is safe and easy to use since it comes with a security technology that guarantees you a lot of safety and protection.

Moreover, it has a reliable limit switch of electromagnetism for a simple adjustment. It has a soft stop and a soft start ensuring a prolonged performance. This product also comes with a rolling microchip code, maximum running motor duration, adjustable stall force, and flexible auto-close time. Additionally, this product has an in-built reverse and stop mode if any obstruction occurs. It has a key release of 90 degrees, which functions if you lose your remote or a power shortage. They have quality customer services with 12 months’ warranty, it has a free exchange and returns favor within the first 30 days. Note that this product has the potential to deliver outstanding performance.


  • It is an excellent product.
  • It is easy to install and use this product.
  • This product delivers outstanding performance.
  • It has the quality and excellent customer services.


  • It is not worth an investment since its quality is low.

Ghost Controls TDS2XP Heavy-Duty Solar Dual Automatic Gate Opener Kit for Swing Gates Up to 20 Feet

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The Ghost Controls TDS2XP Heavy-Duty Solar Dual Automatic Gate Opener is a fast and quiet post mount gate opener. Especially for solar gates swing type. It comes with a limited warranty of a lifetime on Gear and Motor assembly. Furthermore, it has a warranty of 18 months for the remaining parts, which can be prolonged to 24 months when you do online registration. There is a kit ship in the TDS2 box with some extra components. This includes the box inside to advance it to the TDS2XP kit. This product requires a 12v battery, more so for tube gates, including the AXDP kit for the solar panel and the solar energy capable. Bear in mind that this is excellent for any given dual swing gate up to 24 ft. It has an opening that includes plantation, chain link, ornamental, decorative, and tubular gates. You will need an AXPO push for opening your bracket kit and for a push for installation opening, but this is usually sold separately.

The deep battery cycle is recommended for solar. Still, Ghost Controls guarantees you a separate battery box that is lockable to eliminate potential acid leaks spoiling the control board system. This fits an appropriate replacement for GG competitive openers, Aleko AS, Pro 2000XLS, Pro 2000XL. Pro 1000, Linear Pro Access FM700, Mighty Mule, and GTO. Moreover, the entire necessary installation fasteners and hardware come packaged together. This means it is easy to install this product with commonly available tools. You do not need a maximum voltage connection between electricity and welding. In case you require the best dual swing gate opener, opt for Ghost Controls TDS2XP Heavy-Duty Solar Dual Automatic Gate Opener.


  • This product is wonderful.
  • It delivers excellent performance since it comes with outstanding features.
  • It is a quality product.
  • This product is durable and reliable.
  • It is worth the price.
  • It is easy to install and use.


  • It does not have quality technical support.

Mighty Mule MM262 Automatic Gate Opener for Light Duty Dual Swing Gates Up to 12′ Long or 300 lb

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This modern MM262 contains Mighty Mule’s exceptional dual technology sense that matches the 6th UL325 edition standard for more advanced safety and protection. It has a light-duty design as well as dual swing gates with a maximum weight of 300lbs. It is appropriate that you install it yourself because it comes with instructions that are much detailed, 24 hours unlimited technical support, and the DVD installation. Moreover, it is excellent for all dual-gate models, including wood, vinyl, panel tube, and chain link.

It comes packaged with the entire needed hardware, control box, AC transformer, and the single-button remote. This product needs a 12v automotive and or even marine model battery that generates 250 minimal cold-cranking amps. It also has a solar capability, so if you require a perfect dual swing gate opener, you do not need to worry since you can decide to settle on Mighty Mule MM262 Automatic Gate Opener. This will make you experience super-awesome results that you have ever wished for in your entire life. Grab one from the market today and enjoy how it opens as well as closes.


  • It is a quality product.
  • This product is functional and practical.
  • It has an easy installation, and it is also easy to use.
  • It is worth the investment.


  • This product is less durable; hence it is not long-lasting.

Supreform Universal 12VDC Outdoor Automatic Electric Gate Lock for Swing Gate Opener Operator Automatic Gate Openers, Fail Secure Gate Lock, UL Listed Cable

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It is a universal product since it comes with 12VDC adopt relay delay PCB. This electric gate lock is much compatible with a swing gate opener of 12VDC without a lockable terminal. Additionally, it has maximum security since the electric lock that is automatic can maintain your gate tightly closed. You must know that this product is powerful since its electric lock can withstand up to 2200lbs, making your gate more secure as well as stable. Besides, it can lock and unlock automatically according to how the gate is activated. The Supreform Universal 12VDC Outdoor Automatic Electric Gate Lock for Swing Gate Opener features a UL listed cable, two core cable pre-wired 5m for an easy wire connection, and the gland, which is used for wire protection. UL listed cable ensures that your lock safe, especially when you are using it. Note that this product is simple to install; this means you can easily install it by yourself without needing the help of either the mechanics or even electrician. However, if you find it complicated, always make a point of finding them to help you with your installation. Thanks to these exemplary features for making this product deliver excellent results and gain popularity worldwide.


  • It is a beautiful product.
  • This product delivers maximum performance.
  • It guarantees maximum security.
  • It is a quality and robust product.


  • It is not easy to install.